From Erykah Badu to Keyshia Cole, it seems like everyone is creating their own remix of Drake's "Hotline Bling." Now Trina is throwing her version into the mix.

The "Pull Over" rapper is no love-scorned artist pining for the phone to ring on her remix. Instead, the self-proclaimed "baddest bitch" is the one fed up with calling her ex. And in lieu of the laid-back, melodic vibe set on the original track, the Diamond Princess creator opts to use her signature boastful, in-your-face style.

"I used to call you on your cell phone," she says before heading to a slew of cocky rhymes. "You want to call my phone on a late night when you drunk as f---, you lame / You in love with a stripper, I’m in love with a Clipper."

"But you never found another bitch / To come close to this / 'Cause now I know where your focus is / I'm disconnecting this hopelessness / Remember I was the bitch you was slidin' with / All the accolades and the accomplishments / All the time and sweat that I invested in / Now you acting like I'm some distant chick / I'm hanging up the line... *click*," she raps, explaining the many reasons she's literally hanging up the phone on their relationship.

Trina's sixth studio album, aptly titled 6, is due in December.

Speaking of Drizzy, who has had 100 songs on Billboard's Top 100 chart, he has yet to have a No. 1 hit. Although "Hotline Bling" is a strong contender to change that as it proves to be a favorite among listeners. It's currently at the No. 2 spot on the chart. For now, check out Trina's version of the song below.

Listen to Trina's "Hotline Bling (Remix)"

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