A few days after news spread that French Montana and Khloe Kardashian had parted ways, one of the rapper's exes released a new song that could very well be taken as a diss.

Trina, who once dated Montana, released 'F--- Love,' which is believed to be a direct jab at the 'Don't Panic' rhymer and his former reality show girlfriend.

"F--- love, what's that, you f--- around, then coming back / No time for games I got a plane to catch, I don't want the ring if it ain't meant / I'm tryna make this love thing work / Next minute I be thinkin' gotta curve this n---- / Got nerve tryna play me for a bird, I don't want this s---, you can keep that purse / You can keep that whip you can have that bitch / You will never find another 10 caramel skin with the right tan," she spits.

A source close to Kardashian said Montana was too needy of her, which ended the brief but high profile relationship. Neither French or Khloe have commented on Trina's new song yet.

Listen to Trina's 'F--- Love' Feat. Tory Lanez