Trina and Nicki Minaj

With one beef after another swirling around the hip-hop scene it's always good to see artists compliment each other. Rapper Trina, who recently teamed with music's most buzzed about femcee, Nicki Minaj, for the track 'Ding A Ling,' had nothing but compliments for the New York native.

"She's a beautiful person," Trina told The BoomBox. "I love her spirit and her energy. We talk occasionally about different things. Whether it's the business, trying to get your crew right, the stress of the album, the stress people got on you in the studio -- just a bunch of different things."I think it's important [to ask questions] because in the business it's one of those things where you're always trying to learn something different," Trina went on. "Talking to people about different things and I think that's what keep[s] you afloat and that's what keeps strengthening you and moving forward. She's new and to embrace her, it's a wonderful thing. She gave wonderful energy and I really love it. She's a Sagittarius like me, so it's an instant chemistry kind of thing."

Minaj has received tons of publicity both good and bad all before dropping her debut album. She recently hired Sean "Diddy" Combs to be her manager, and is set to release her debut album later this year. Trina's sixth album 'Amazin' hits stores May 4.