R&B crooner Trey Songz wants his fans to know that he's more than just a sex symbol. Since dropping his debut album in 2005, the Virginia native's image has been getting steamier with singles like 'I Invented Sex' and 'Neighbors Know My Name' only adding to his sensual persona. Yet for Trey, how he looks is just a small part of who he is as an artist.

"There was a sexual overtone to this album," he tells The BoomBox of his third album, 'Ready.' "Me being on the cover without my shirt to two of the singles being sexual -- I've been an artist who talks about sex, love, love making [and] love lost on every album and this is a point in my career where that's magnified. You know the truth will always prevail. So, I just stay consistent on what I'm doing and if women think I'm attractive, I'm cool with that."

As if a seductive kiss with Toni Braxton and rumors questioning his sexuality weren't enough to break a person down, Trey maintains that in spite of the media fodder, building his career takes a backseat to improving his true character. "I want my legacy to be that I left my heart on the stage and that I gave soul and passion with every song that I sung, and that, furthermore, I was a great man," he explains. "At the end of the day the artist you are is nothing compared to the person you are. So more than the legacy I leave behind as Trey Songz 'the artist' is what's left behind for Tremaine Neverson 'the man.'"