Something has to be said for an artist who scores a 'MTV Unplugged' performance. Over the years, the privilege has been handed down to only a handful of R&B and hip-hop performers -- Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Maxwell, Erykah Badu, Blackstreet, Babyface -- and after being in the industry for only five years, R&B singer Trey Songz can now say he's part of the elite.

Following his run on the 'Blueprint 3' tour with Jay-Z and Young Jeezy, on April 1 Trey recorded his episode for 'MTV Unplugged.' And without a lot of time to prepare the 25-year-old Virginia native says it was "a great experience and opportunity."

"MTV actually approached me while I was on the BP3 tour with Young Jeezy and Jay-Z and they wanted to film the show the day after the tour ended. That was too quick for me because for 'Unplugged,' I needed time to prepare and make sure that the show was special and different than what I was already doing," he said in a recent interview.

Wanting something different, Trey stepped outside of the box when preparing for 'MTV Unplugged.' "For the tour I had a 30 minute set. Since I was ... mainly touring arenas, the tracks has to be hip-hop driven. Even with my R&B songs, we had to make sure they were felt in a different way. But with "Unplugged" [the performance] is mainly acoustic, so I brought along a percussionist, added some violinists and a string section. We brought a baby grand piano too, so there were more changes to the music, how I sang the song and the way the songs felt."

In other news, Trey is working on a new studio album scheduled to drop in September. He also has a reality show that will air on BET in June, and is also scheduled to start touring with R&B singer Monica. 'Trey Songz Unplugged' will air on MTV on April 26.