Trey Songz released his third studio album 'Ready,' last summer, scoring five top ten R&B singles and landing himself a spot alongside Jay-Z on his 'Blueprint 3' tour, but the Virginia native already has a new project lined up for the Fall.

Trey's manager Kevin Liles recently told MTV News that fans should expect a new album from Trey Songz in September. "September 14th, new album. He's not gonna stop," Liles said. "He's gonna keep his foot on people's necks, and he's going to make sure they understand that we have to redefine R&B. We have to go work hard every single day to be the best."

Liles, who explained that his current work promoting Trey Songz has kept him interested in the industry, said that the Grammy-nominated singer would continue to push his current success even further. "September 14th, he'll be back. He's doing a theater tour coming up in August. He's doing the BET Awards," Liles said. "The "MTV Unplugged," which is amazing, sold out Roseland by itself, 3,000 people. It's just a blessing to work with young talent."

In addition to the upcoming album, fans can also expect to catch Trey Songz in a new BET reality show with Young Jeezy, which will document their personal experiences on Jay-Z's 'Blueprint 3' tour. "We've got the 'Blueprint 3' [Tour experience] from the eyes of Jeezy and Trey Songz coming out," Liles said. "The first show airs on BET on June 27, the night of the BET Awards. The show comes first, and then right after that, the BET Awards."