Trey SongzCrooner Trey Songz appeared on Angela Yee's 'The Morning After' show on Sirius XM recently, and discussed the gay rumors that have been swirling around the Net lately.

"I mean in this world today you gotta ignore ignorance," Songz, said, addressing the claims. "You gotta ignore stuff like that, being an artist, 'cause people gonna say things about me daily. It's always something new about Trey Songz."

According to reports, the 'I Invented Sex' singer has been dating men since 2004, and was in a semi-public relationship with an "industry professional" named Brandon Hines, who can be seen with Songz here. The two men were said to have been in a relationship for 6-7 months, and though Songz is alleged to have continued sleeping with men, he is also said to have relationships with women as well.

Songz refuted the rumors on Yee's show, scoffing, "The bigger I get, the more s--- pop up. It's cool with me, 'cause that mean I'm popping, baby! Yeah ... I'm so far from gay."

Check the interview out here. Either way, Songz' new album 'Ready' is also popping, and includes tracks like 'One Love' and 'I Need a Girl' for you to ponder about.