This year is shaping up to be a busy one for R&B crooner Trey Songz, fresh off his stint on Jay-Z's 'Blueprint 3' tour, the Virginia native is getting back on the stage for a summer tour with singer Monica, plus prepping the release of his fourth studio album later this year. "[The] tour with Jay-Z was definitely a career changing experience," he told The BoomBox. "It opened a lot of people's eyes [to] who I was. A lot of people may not have known who I was.

"I got a great plateau. I'm working on my new album now, I got my own tour coming this summer. [I'm] just making sure I stay ahead of the game. Ten steps ahead of myself even. Making sure I don't live in the moment [not] bask in the glory of everything that's happening right now and think how to surpass everything that's happening."

Alongside working with the biggest star in hip-hop, Trey picked up life lessons from Jay, ones that he says will help him maintain career longevity. "He's given me advice on the daily. I won't talk about conversations we've had specifically because I cherish that [but] he's very encouraging he's very thoughtful in everything he's done. I know if I do need him for anything I can call him."

Although exact details have yet to be announced, the tour is said to begin in August while Trey's new album is set to drop September 14. In the meantime, fans looking to get their Trey fix, can check him out on his episode of MTV's 'Unplugged,' which airs on the network April 26.