Now that Halloween is behind us, the next major holiday on the calendar is Thanksgiving. Just in time Turkey Day, Trey Songz has dropped a gratitude-packed clip for his latest single, 'Top of the World.'

Filmed in his hometown of Petersburg, Va., the video shows the rapper, singer, producer and actor shooting hoops, washing his car, scoping hotties at a house party and even playing barber for local youth. Trey kicks it like a regular dude, in other words, even though he's shown handling stacks of cash thick enough to necessitate his use of a money-counting machine.

"If I could, I would bring the whole hood to the top of the world with me," Trey sings on the chorus, echoing a common dilemma faced by successful rappers.

'Top of the World' appears on 'Anticipation II,' one of two mixtapes the multi-talented musician dropped today. Comprising R&B-style joints, 'Anticipation' serves as a companion to '#LemmeHolDatBeat2,'a collection that focuses more on his hip-hop side.

The video and two mixtapes arrive weeks before the Trey's 'Inevitable' EP, due out Nov. 28. He's also said to be working on a studio album, 'Chapter 5,' and back in August, he told the Source that he was keeping his fingers crossed for some choice guest spots.

"I have a few dream collaborations on that album that I want, but they say if you blow out your candle and make a wish you can't tell people what you ask for or it won't come true," he said.

Toward the end of the 'Top of the World' video, however, he contradicts that kind of superstitious thinking and tells a group of Petersburg youngsters to reach for the stars.

"Anything you think you can do, you can do it," Trey says. "Don't let nobody tell you no different."

Watch Trey Songz's Video for 'Top of the World'

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