Singer Trey Songz and rapper Fabolous are teaming up to raise awareness for the environment by headlining the 'Be Seen Being Green' concert in Miami, Florida this month. Hosted by actress Persia White, the event will feature a seminar on educating students on how to "live green" leading up to performances from the two.

"That's not really a reality in the urban community," Trey Songz tells The BoomBox of environmental awareness. Both artists hope to use their popularity to change this. "Being green is probably the last thing on your mind when you [have] to worry about your bills and your children and the everyday life that comes with being in that environment," Songz adds.

Fab is already on track to live a greener lifestyle. The East Coast MC revealed that he recycles, unplugs chords from unused electrical outlets, and even walks to places in close proximity whether than polluting the air with fumes from automobiles. "I was one of the people who needed to be brought up to speed on this now that I am I'm trying to educate other people," he admits.

Trey, who was also uninformed about green initiatives before signing on to the event, wanted to make sure that he began helping the environment before he began teaching others. "My goal that I'll share with people is to go beyond recycling, which I already do, [like] purchase products that use less energy," he explained. "Being in the entertainment industry we use energy in all types of different ways. In some cases it's not always the most environmentally friendly [so] you just have to watch what you're doing. Start by changing light bulbs or having a TV that uses less energy, just thinking about the little things."

"It's definitely a beautiful thing promoting to our culture, our community," Trey adds. "Promoting green awareness through education and entertainment -- I think that's one of the best ways that you can do it."

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