It's already nerve-racking enough to meet your significant other's parents, but what would you do if one of them started hitting on you? This is the dilemma Trevor Jackson has to deal with in his new video for "Here I Come."

The visual opens with Trevor and his girlfriend's blooming relationship and takes them to her mom's house. While it looks like her mom, played by Paula Campbell, is cool with how affectionate the two are while in her home, she starts hinting that her fondness for her daughter's boyfriend isn't wholly innocent. Not only does she like to bend over just enough to give him a glimpse of her cleavage but also "accidentally" drops her towel when she knows Trevor is looking.

Things come to a head at dinner when both his girlfriend and her mother attempt to play footsie with Trevor. Paula jumps on her chance to have him when she knocks over her wine glass, spilling her red win all over his white shirt. As his girlfriend runs to the kitchen to get a wet washcloth, Mom takes it upon herself to take off his jacket and button-down shirt. And although his girlfriend will come running at any moment, Trevor seems to enjoy the flirtation with her mother.

The video ends with Trevor hugging his girlfriend goodbye and gives her mom a quick wink. Clearly the story isn't finished yet, and perhaps he'll continue the narrative in his next music video.

"Here I Come" is off Trevor's new mixtape, In My Feelings, which you can get here.