Travi$ Scott released his long-awaited album Birds in the Trap Sing Mcknight on Friday (Sept. 2) and one of the more interesting tunes on the project is his collaborative track with Andre 3000. The song “the ends” features Three Stacks delivering a blistering verse that's an early candidate for Hip-Hop Quotable of the Year.

Produced by Vinylz, WondaGurl, Dax, and OZ, it's a head-nodding banger with a bouncy beat, clanky snares and moody synths. Andre 3000 has the standout verse on the track as he reflects on the Atlanta Child Murders and how he still struggles with survivor’s guilt decades later.

"I came up in the town, they were murderin' kids / And dumped them in the creek up from where I live / Bodies, bodies, bodies sprinkled around / We runnin' through the sprinkler lookin' around / Killer would show up with boxes of pizza / And said he had a label recruitin' people / Put that on my grandma and everythin' / My homie said he told 'em his name was Wayne / It could've been me or could've been you too," he raps.

Mr. Benjamin's verse follows his standout cameo appearance on “Solo (Reprise)” off Frank Ocean’s Blonde LP. We can only hope that Andre 3000 is still working on his solo album. It needs to come out today. We are just saying.

But for now, Travi$ Scott's song will have to do.

Listen to Travi$ Scott's Song "The Ends" Feat. Andre 3000