First off, we feel like we owe Topaz Jones a public apology for sleeping on him for so long. Upon a little digging in the crates blogs, we've already come across an excellent EP called '106 Miles to Chicago' that he did with MC $tan Ro$$ and his high school homie/producer on-the-rise Thelonious Martin.

It was Topaz's new 'Coping Mechanism' video that woke us up out of our shameful slumber, though. The soulful, sedated and slow-building production (that he's also responsible for) is the first thing that perks your ears about the track, but when the 20-year-old New Jersey native crashes into frame, it becomes immediately apparent that this is one MC who's far from beat-reliant.

"Jotting down rhymes in my notepad/ Mechanism to cope with a system that's hopeless/ I hope less that the negativity from my enemies get to me still end up with mo stress," he opens, displaying such effortless dexterity right off the bat. Then, as the beat reaches its climax, Topaz yells and grunts like it's the last verse he'll ever rap.

The only thing hotter than Topaz's rhymes are the tribal torches that surround him in the crisp and polished video. Yup, 'Coping Mechanism' is fire flames all round. Now excuse us while we impatiently await his upcoming LP, 'The Honeymoon Suite.'

[Via Complex]