Name: B.O.B. (Bring One Blunt, Bring One Beer, Business Over B----es etc.)
Resides: ATL, Georgia
Reason to Listen: This multi-talented 19-year old rapper/producer has a strong Dungeon Family influence, yet his syrupy flow and melodic hooks are entirely his own. Signed to Grand Hustle, B.O.B. raps, sings and produces, as seen on tracks like the smoked out "Cloud 9" and catchy-as-a-cold "Haterz," which got remix treatment from Juvenile and Rick Ross. His new digital-only EP, '12th Dimension' is available now.
Bottom Line: Best young voice in the south. Incredibly talented with strong crossover potential, though may be a bit out there for the more conservative hip hop fans.

Download: 'Mellow Yellow' (MP3)