Sure, Rock The Bells was a great lineup and you probably already know about the legends that made special appearances along the tour, from Biz Markie and Slick Rick to Jay-Z and Busta Rhymes. That's nice, but we thought we'd compile a list of moments that you didn't hear about, as experienced by our staff at the New York Rock The Bells date in Wantagh, Long Island.

1. Twelve straight hours of hip hop. It's like going to the same party for twelve years. And in no way is that depressing.

2. Playing a new game: "Spot the normal." A lot harder at Jones Beach than it sounds.

3. Hidden second stage. Great idea!

4. Hipster rap -- not a hit among actual rap fans, it turns out. (see image)

5. Fat Lip and Tre's nonexistent onstage chemistry/working relationship. Weird!

6. Mos Def rocking an outfit made out of a hipster lawn chair, and possibly thinking he's a saxophone. Mos, did you forget to rap?

7. Never thought we'd be so happy to see Talib Kweli onstage. And he's rapping too? This is great!

8. Note to friends of rappers onstage: standing behind the performer doesn't make you invisible. Stop talking on the phone/eating/taking pictures and texting them to other members of the entourage. We can see you.

9. Supernat creates new form of figurative language: The whataphor. Example: When offering to rap about any object passed up front and given a king mask, Supernat spit the following whataphor: "I pop in your bedroom just like I was a king!" Sure you do.

10. The collective sigh of relief breathed by the audience as Phife, Jarobi and Ali took finally took the stage, following Q-Tip's awkward 8 song performance backed by (who else?) Mos Def. We love you Tip. Thank god we won't have to throw chairs.

Shout out to:
The kid with the "Crave Pack" of 30 White Castle burgers in the parking lot on a 90 degree day in August. Mad Cow Disease + Montezuma's Revenge + All day rap show + Parking lot + Long Island + 90 Degrees, no breeze...Awesome.

Editor's Note:
I'd like to give a special shout out to Nas for making my day and tossing his New York Mets cap into the crowd. I almost lost my life (thanks to an eager fan in the row behind me), but in the end I prevailed.

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