Back in July, Too $hort released '19,999,' a song that finds the rapper bragging about sleeping with nearly as many women as former basketball great Wilt Chamberlain -- he's claimed to have bedded 20,000 women in his lifetime.

Now the Bay Area legend releases the hilarious animated visuals, which is the perfect accompaniment to $hort's raunchy but playful lyrics. The rapper is played by a cartoon dog surrounded by canines of the female persuasion, which fits right in line with the many, many times he uses the word bitch throughout the song.

There's also a shot of a scoreboard showing Chamberlain's 20,000 score and $hort quickly closing in. Appropriately, a basketball theme is used throughout the visuals and there are a number of party scenes. $hort is living it up inside the animated world.

Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg and E-40 all get some shine as 'toon dogs. Snoop and Cube serve as captains of a plane while Too $hort and E-40 hold it down in the back as passengers. There's strippers, a whole lot of dirty dancing and wagging tongues. It's clear they're members of the Mile High Club.

Currently, the 48-year-old MC is in the studio preparing his next full-length album, set to arrive next year. The release will be a celebration of $hort's 30-year career in the rap game.