After public outcry about safety concerns at 50 Cent's August 30 charity show in Jamaica, Queens, Mayor Bloomberg stepped in to quell the fears of his citizens, confirming that 50 would not be performing at the Family Day, or alternatively titled "40 Day" event in his old neighborhood.

In a press conference held soon after the uproar the mayor confirmed that "50 Cents," (as he called him) would definitely not perform. "Our understanding after talking with 50 Cents is he has no plans to perform whatsoever. He might go but he is not going to perform," Bloomberg said.

After all the negative press, G-Unit member Tony Yayo decided to make a more positive announcement to MTV news, saying that despite getting his performance snubbed out, 50 had put a lot of work into the event, including shelling out a substantial amount of money to get the show together.

"Rumor is he [50] spent over half a million dollars on this," Yayo said. In regards to Bloomberg's decision to have the final word on 50's performance, Yayo decided to hold his peace -- sort of -- but sufficed with saying that he thinks 50 still comes out on top on this situation. "The mayor was saying he spoke to 50 and he agreed that it wouldn't be a performance," he said. "Yo, I can't get at the mayor. I don't even wanna say anything bad about him -- I don't wanna get pulled over when I leave from outta here! But 50's big, 50's bigger than life."

In Bloomberg's defense, he did express some interest, however feigned, in seeing 50 perform. "I did not plan to go to the concert because I wanted to go see 50 Cents but will not get a chance to do that this time," he said.