Forty-three-year-old singer and mother of two Toni Braxton has revealed that she is still considering Playboy's offer to pose nude for the popular men's magazine.

The six-time Grammy winner and star of the upcoming reality series 'Braxton Family Values' was offered a reported $100,000 to appear in Playboy, a proposition which she initially shot down, tweeting, "Who started this rumor that I'd do Playboy for 100,000? No way! If I considered Playboy it would be for an undisclosed amount or for charity."

However, in a recent interview on 'The Wendy Williams Show,' Toni explained that she's still weighing her decision regarding the spread, which she said would just be "a little T and A."

"They asked me. I was really flattered, and they've asked me a few times in the past," Braxton said. "But one of the reasons I was more excited was because it was after I'd been sick, and I just didn't feel sexy and I thought I'd lost my mojo. And when they asked me, I'm like, 'Oh, they think I'm sexy? My boobies hang down to here a little bit!' I was really flattered."

Despite Wendy's argument that she's "come too far" to pose naked, Braxton went on to say that the deciding factor for her will be her young boys, Denim and Diezel. "I haven't decided," she revealed. "One of the reasons I'm hesitant is because of my boys. I don't want their friends to come to school and say, 'I saw your mommy's boobies!'"

'Braxton Family Values' premieres Tuesday, April 12 on WE tv.

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