Back in 1998, Toni Braxton shocked the world after filing for bankruptcy in spite of the fact that she had sold millions of records. Over a decade later, the 43-year-old is back in the broke house.

According to TMZ, Braxton has just filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in California, stating that she is only worth between $1 million and $10 million and could owe anywhere from $10 million to $50 million in unpaid debts across the country.

In documents uncovered by the site, Braxton allegedly owes money to pay over 10 different bills from companies including AT&T, DirecTV, Tiffany & Co., The William Morris Agency and The Four Seasons Hotel. Additionally, Braxton may owe money to the City of L.A. Parking Violations Bureau and the DMV in California and Nevada, as well as back taxes to the IRS, which filed a lien against her earlier this year for $396,000.

The Maryland native most recently released her sixth studio album 'Pulse' this past May. The album, which debuted at No. 9, sold 54,000 copies and became her fifth U.S. Top 10 album.

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