There's one thing to have your lyrics tried in the court of public opinion, but having them dissected in the court of law is a whole different level. Rapper Tiny Doo went through that experience in 2014 and had his life hanging in the balance as a result of it. On Monday (March 16), a judge dropped all gang conspiracy charges against the rapper in the controversial legal case.

Tiny Doo, whose real name is Brandon Duncan, made national headlines last year when he was arrested and charged in two gang-related shootings under the controversial California law Proposition 21. The ordinance allows the state to prosecute anyone who is profiting from criminal gang activity. However, Duncan said was never involved in any gang activity.

“It’s a hard situation when you know you had nothing to do with those crimes,” he told the San Diego Union-Tribune outside of the courthouse.

Prosecutors claim that Duncan's violent rap lyrics on his street album No Safety was used to intimidate rival gangs and promote gang violence. Tiny Doo maintained his innocence all the way, even accusing the prosecutors in his case of  “trying to eradicate black men" in an interview with CNN in January.

"It's just artistry," he said after the hearing. "I'm just painting a picture of the urban community."

Freddie Gibbs is among Tiny Doo's many supporters. "Almost a year ago they locked up my homie Tiny Doo for his rap lyrics. Now they freed my dog and the state of California had to drop all charges. Never let the system strip you of your freedom of speech," he wrote on Instagram.

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