Emotions have been high since a grand jury in Ferguson, Mo., revealed that Darren Wilson, the police officer who killed teen Michael Brown earlier this year, would not be indicted for his death.

From Killer Miker to Rihanna, artists have expressed their feelings about this latest example of injustice. Now, rapper Tink is venting her frustrations with police on the Timbaland-produced track ‘Tell the Children.’

The rising rapper attacks the verses, speaking from her own experience witnessing gun violence and police brutality as a youth in Chicago.

“It bothers me, a badge is a pass to do whatever / So now we’re living in fear of the people here to protect us / They lie and disrespect us, kill us and then neglect us / The problem when nobody sees the view from my perspective,” she rhymes between a serenade of despair on the hook.

In addition to the powerful lyrics, the song also boasts a moving image for the artwork, which features an illustrated teary-eyed baby grasping its chest in sadness.

Listen to Tink’s ‘Tell the Children’

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