New York noise pop duo Sleigh Bells and Chicago rapper-singer Tink may seem to come from different musical worlds, however, they come together in a big way on 'That Did It.'

With Sleigh Bells' signature hip-hop-inspired beats and a mix of guitars and synths, Tink delivers "in your face" verses. "You's a cocky ma'f---er 'cause you love to run your mouth / They put me on the track 'cause they know I run this side of town / With your head big then I aim at it, better chill with all of that talk / 'Cause I go for mine like a 9-to-5 and I still ain't took a day off," she spits.

The pair met Tink when they shared the stage at SXSW earlier this year. "I immediately thought she was incredibly badass," Sleigh Bells frontwoman Alexis Krauss tells Rolling Stone. "She's like a firecracker -- she has an incredible stage presence and charisma."

According to an interview with Billboard, Tink revealed that she was all up for the collaboration when Sleigh Bells came knocking. "It's not good to stay in the same circle [of artists]," she told Billboard. "You have to change, evolve and grow. They wanted to get in the studio, and here we are in New York. We laid down a hot one. The track is an uptempo; it's so fun. I love it. It's different, but good."

Alexis and Tink clearly play off their respective energy and prove that sometimes working outside of your comfort zone can definitely produce a good thing.

Listen to Sleigh Bells 'That Did It' Feat. Tink

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