Tinashe and Chris Brown go toe-to-toe in her new video for "Player." However, instead of actually getting in a ring, the singers really put on a show with a full-on dance battle that prove that they're the best dancers in the industry.

Directed by Emil Nava, the clip takes the form of a video game. But don't think this is your average round of Just Dance or Dance Central. Tinashe showcase her technical dance training by performing the tango, contemporary and hip-hop choreography in order to get to her final round with Breezy. And when she finally gets to that last phase, the two are electric on the floor with intense lifts and sensual moves that will make you want to take a cold shower after watching.

"I've seriously been dancing my whole life since I was 4, classically trained in all different styles like ballet, tap, jazz," she explained in a behind-the-scenes video posted on Tinashe's Instagram. "So it's fun for me to play with different styles of dance."

Tinashe hosted a premiere of the visual on Sony's Times Square billboard for a special group of fans earlier today (Nov. 2).

"Player" is Tinashe's new single off her forthcoming sophomore album, Joyride.

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