The last time Timothy Bloom debuted a music video he was naked, bare backside and all. 'Til the End of Time,' which featured the lovely V. Bozeman sans clothing, was definitely a conversation starter earlier this year. Now, the crooner, who's signed to a joint deal with famed producers Timbaland and Polow da Don on their respective labels Mosley Music and Zone 4, showcases a set of new visuals with 'Possibilities,' a track off his 'The Budding Rose EP.'

In the clip, directed by Dove Shore, Bloom keeps himself covered and invites viewers to embrace his piano-playing abilities, which he displays in a barren desert. The Texas-born coos, "I had a conversation with myself/ Going back and forth, picking the pieces apart/ Lining them one by one/ Has made me realize that what's inside me is breaking me down/ I'm not the man that I used to know."

Watch Timothy Bloom's 'Possibilities'

Bloom, a songwriter with credits that include penning tracks for Ne-Yo and Chris Brown, explains that the track is a number about maturity. "'Possibilities' is about a boy becoming a man," he shares. "Warning before destruction, working on me to become a better me."

Eight months have passed since his nude video made the rounds and since then, the singer has been traveling the country, performing and making his brand known in the marketplace. As for what's in store with future projects, don't be surprised to see Bloom snag a red-haired collaborator on his wish list. "I would like to work with Florence and the Machine," he admits. "Why? Because she's hot!"

'The Budding Rose EP,' which features four tracks, is available now.