Timbaland only joined Twitter in late October, but he's already interacting with fans like a pro. The super-producer opened up the lines of communication with his followers by releasing a video of himself responding to questions posed on the social networking site, addressing his upcoming Timbo Thursday series and working with Lady Gaga.

Sitting in a recliner next to his computer, Timbo da King explained he's been busy cooking up new material in the studio for his weekly free song giveaway. He also commended Kanye West for pioneering the concept. "Hell yeah, it's real," he explained of Timbo Thursdays. "I want to big up Kanye, because Kanye thought about this idea. I want to big him up for doing that because we should have been doing it, and the way that Kanye did it is so ingenious that it gives us the opportunity to get music out there when labels don't agree to singles and whatnot."

The Virginia musician denied claims that he produced Jodeci's 1991 debut 'Forever My Lady,' but admitted he's most eager to work with Lady Gaga on a song for his upcoming LP 'Shock Value 3.' "I have a song that I had her in mind, but I don't know, I need to see what her and see what my schedule is and we have to work it out," he said. "But of course, I definitely want to do a song with Lady Gaga. She's very talented. So that's in the process."

Timbaland is currently working on his fourth solo album, 'SV3,' due in 2011.