Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Friday free song giveaway is quickly becoming the new industry standard for producers, and Timbaland might be the latest beatmaker to put his stamp on another unclaimed day of the week.

In a few chapters taken from the comeback manual according to Yeezy, Timb launched his official Twitter account last week, and only days later tweeted news that he wanted to establish 'Timbo Thursdays.' "So my brother told me Kanye is puttin out a new song every friday call good fridays, swizz got mondays. I dont know if they are on twitter but can you hit them up and tell them reserve that thursday for timbo da king baby," he wrote early Monday morning (Nov. 1). "We'll call it timbo thursday cool?"

Swizz Beatz was the most recent producer to launch a weekly song free-for-all, when he debuted his 'Monster Mondays' series on October 26, with the new track 'DJ Play the Beat,' featuring Brit singer, Estelle. Before him RZA launched 'Wu Wednesdays' and has since released several songs.

Besides theoretically prepping for the launch of 'Timbo Thursdays,' Timbaland is also putting the finishing touches on 'Shock Value III,' the third installation of the series, which was originally released in 2007.