Atlanta is the new age music Mecca claiming the top spot from New York as the place to make it. Artists like T.I. and Ludacris proudly carry the city on their backs while for non-native transplants like Keyshia Cole and Ne-Yo simply call the city home. When producer Cedric L. Wright a.k.a. Tigga Bounce made his way from Montgomery, Ala. over to Atlanta he had big dreams in mind. "(Atlanta brings) feel good music, innovative music," he says.

Tigga hopes to bring his own flair to a wider audience by introducing music lovers to a funk-infused diversity that he feels is currently missing from the mainstream spectrum. Mostly working with Southern artist like rappers Paul Wall, Trick Daddy, and Khudjoe Goodie (of Goodie Mobb fame) Tigga doesn't rule out collaborations with "up-top cats" from the northern states.

"New York, Chicago...they tend to be more lyrical but I got something for them all! I get in there, find out who I'm working with and we end up vibing." Such a vibe comes from his innate love of music. Playing several different instruments, Tigga finds it imperative for a producer to understand how an instrument should sound before trying to replace it with a drum machine. "When I'm producing a track I'm not writing stuff out, like notes. It becomes real important because I know the lingo," he says. "I know what an instrument is supposed to do. I started off playing trombone and later on playing all of the brass instruments. I have an idea of what every instrument is supposed to do. I really sit and listen but I do have that brass instrument background. "

These days Tigga finds himself grinding hard to make a name for himself in the industry pulling inspiration from artists that he works with and fellow producers such as Timbaland and Teddy Riley. And although he's not as interested in crossing over into the producer/artist territory he still looks up to those that do for their ability to bring their signature styles to the table. "I have to back to once again [to] the funk. The funk is just something that you just have in you. That's the talent," he says. "They would put forth stuff to the public that they can move to; not necessarily understand it but it's just that fuck that...the perfect instrumentation."

His list of favorite artist range from Stevie Wonder to T-Pain but Tigga is a straight shooter when it comes to his wish list and would love to work with Michael Jackson among others. Until then Tigga is set to release a his compilation 'Welcome to Bounceville,' which current single 'Quad Drop Low' is being serviced to radio. Tigga categorizes the music as "having fun with a mixture of everything." And for this southern gentleman Atlanta remains the perfect launching pad for what he hopes to be an illustrious career. "Just moving here gave ma whole new vibe. Just listening to the radio, it's a whole new vibe. It's city. It's refreshing."

Listen to 'Quad Drop Low'