Rapper T.I. performed for an energetic crowd at the 2015 New Orleans Jazz Festival over the weekend, but he wasn't the only star of the show. While the Atlanta rhymer was rocking the mic, a sign language interpreter on the side of the stage was getting all of the attention.

A concertgoer filmed one of the interpreter's turnt up performance during Tip’s classic 2009 song, “U Don’t Know Me.” According to a review of the concert, she interpreted the rapper’s lyrics without missing a beat.

So who is this mystery lady?

Her name is Holly Maniatty. The professional sign language interpreter and her partner, Jean Abbott, have been signing at the New Orleans Jazz Festival for several years now -- a gig they love doing.

Although translating rap lyrics can be a challenge, Maniatty says it’s worth it if a deaf concertgoer can connect with their favorite artists through her hand motions.

"The music is here, everybody should be able to experience it," Maniatty told Fox 8 News. "The [Jazz Fest] is unique in a way that it has a heart that people take a little bit of that back with them and to be able to give that to a deaf patron, to have them take a little of that back with them is amazing."

Take a look at how she brings hip-hop to a new level at the New Orleans Jazz Fest above.

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