The King of the South may not have as tight a grip on the crown as he did during his heyday, but T.I. is still quite formidable when placed behind a microphone. So when we got wind that the Grand Hustle kingpin had some new work out on the streets, it was only right to take a listen to "Project Steps."

Produced by 1500 or Nothing, the beat is powered by crisp snare drums, oodles of bass and a triumphant audio sample.

Opening the track, spitting "I got fake bitches on my timeline, sucka n----s in the rearview / Wonder why I'm even wasting my time, even replying to let you know I don't feel you," Tip is as sure of himself as ever -- albeit with the calm of a veteran with a decade into his illustrious career and his legacy already set in stone. Throwing a nod to his childhood stomping grounds with the line "I'm a Bankhead n---- to the heart," the southern general gives us an intimate glimpse into the environment that he knows as the trap in audio form.

Not far removed from his last commercial release, Paperwork, T.I. is looking to up the ante in 2015 with two releases, Paperwork: The Return and Paperwork: Love and Liability. He'll continue to keep his name in the mix as one of rap's most consistent stars.

Listen to T.I.'s "Project Steps"

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