T.I. takes over daytime. The busy rapper took a break from music and shooting his hit reality show 'T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle' to join the ladies of 'The View' on Wednesday (Oct. 8) and it was all love -- especially from host Rosie Perez.

"You are just cool as hell!" Perez exclaimed when the dapper rapper sat down onstage. "With all due respect to your wife, and my husband, you are fine as hell." Smiling, T.I. took the compliment in stride and laughed off her cougar advances.

The southern MC spoke about balancing time between 'The Family Hustle' and recording his new album, 'Paperwork.' "I work tirelessly," he said on how he does it all. "This is my life." He also confirmed that he has recorded 250 songs for the album.

Earlier this week, T.I. released the title track off the effort, which features Pharrell.

“Picture me in ’93 / I’m the only man I see / Fresh up off the porch / Lookin’ for a drop Porsche and a fake ID / Introduce me to the crack game / Rap game was the furthest from my mind / Had a notebook full of rhymes / And a pocket full of crack rock dimes / Time on my side, lil .45 in my jeans,” he rhymes.
'Paperwork' is slated for release on Oct. 21.

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