T.I. was initially set to name his next album, 'Trouble Man: He Who Wears the Crown,' but that looks like it's going to change.

Tip spoke to RapFix Live yesterday and explained that he's contemplating a new title to reflect his new musical direction. “I think we're going to postpone that title," he said. "We're gonna rework that. I got a couple of things in mind."

Don't worry though. The sequel to 'Trouble Man' is still in the works and will be released eventually. "I still have that album,” the rapper shared. “That album isn't lost, I have that project as well. But the music that we began to create -- Pharrell, myself, so many others that have contributed between the time of then and now -- the project is just taking a new shape."

The new direction makes a lot of sense. Just recently, Tip announced that he was signing with Columbia Records to release future music. “I’m honored to be partners with such a successful, passionate and creative conglomerate like Columbia Records, who respects and supports the vision of their artist and partners,” said T.I. in a press release. “Also, a special thank you to my big bruh, Sk8board P, for always believing in me and also executive producing my upcoming project."