Thurz lays his cards on the table with his new single titled 'Right Now.' The Los Angeles, CA rapper is brutally honest about why he raps and the need to share his story with the word. The catchy hook and vibrant beat crafted by producer Aaron Harris are contrasted by the sobering realities of what inspired Thurz to pick up the mic.

Thurz raps, "Look, I wouldn't rap if I knew who my father was / His substitute was a letter with no love / Telling my mother, 'Why we have this n---a? We ain't married' / I don't love you that much, but nine months to carry my seed / I don't plan at all being involved / to see his first step and first fall, first word or first crawl/ No kindergarten or graduation, birthday cards, no donation / S--t, more reasons to love mothers attached to their creation / But don't you dare feel sorry or request no pity, there's a million other kids like me in the city."

'Right Now' serves as the third single for the Thurz's upcoming 'Designer' EP. The former U-N-I member's new project is scheduled to drop November 4th via Red Bull Sound Select.

Listen to Thurz's 'Right Now'