Three 6 Mafia will release their new album, 'Last 2 Walk,' in September, and for the effort, the rappers have loaded up on the guests. Among them: Good Charlotte, Lil Jon, Paul Wall and Chamillionaire. And while you might expect Good Charlotte to bring the rock, they had some unlikely competition. "Lil Jon brought the rawk," DJ Paul tells AOL Music. "That raw --I like it raw."

As Oscar winners though, the duo always keep an eye on film and have a few directors with whom they'd love to collaborate.

"I'm a fan of a lot of directors," Paul says. "The Farrelly brothers. I'd [also] love to do something with Quentin Tarantino. He shows a lot of love to rappers and he's a real crazy guy."

Juicy J has a different person in mind, however, aiming for a fellow Oscar recipient. "[Martin] Scorsese," he says. "He makes some good movies, man."