It's bowling hip-hop style on this week’s episode of 'This Is Hot 97,' which features a star-studded line-up with appearances from Wale, French Montana and the Teflon Don, Rick Ross.

We're now seven episodes in and Funkmaster Flex finally made it to a morning staff meeting. Of course, there are ulterior motives here. The Heavy Hitters (team DJ Enuff) vs the Pitbulls (team Funkmaster Flex) bowling game has arrived, which features a bunch of the Hot 97 clan vying for the win. Usually they play for honor, but this time there’s an actual wager. A member of the losing team has to fill in for a Sunday morning time slot, also known as: “the whole world’s hungover.”

Now, Laura Stylez and Cipha Sounds get caught up in trying to bring a ringer onto their prospective teams. What the heck is a ringer? We looked it up for you so you don’t have to. A ringer is: “Any type of contestant in a game who is entered in order to cheat. For example, a professional bowler who plays in an amateur bowling match.” Hip-hop is written all over this episode.

It turns out that the Teflon Don is a pretty good bowler and our favorite rookie, Laura, has reached out to snatch him for the Heavy Hitters team. When Rick Ross shows up to the studio, Cipha poaches the Miami rapper to have him on the Pitbull team. Laura then schmoozes Ricky Rozay at Wingstop. She gets him to back out of being on Flex's team by saying he’s got a chiropractor appointment -- in Belgium. Well played, Laura.

As one would expect, Laura comes out on top and shows up all of the men. She pulls out a strike at the bowling alley and wins the tournament for the Heavy Hitters. It turns out Laura didn’t even need Rick Ross to win the game. “She got a nice rack. I’ma be honest,” Ross admits.

This week, Ebro gets some crushing news. It turns out that his “likability score” is the pits. He's got a 0.4. Apparently people find him mean. At the staff meeting, he fronts like he doesn’t care, but walks into Karlie’s office to find out how he can be more likeable.

Later on, Wale just so happens to walk by the old man’s office and gives Ebro pointers on how to be that dude that everyone likes. It’s meant to be ironic because we’re supposed to believe Wale is “mean.” Remember when he confronted that Twitter troll at a WWE event? That surely counts as not being Mr. Nice Guy. But he's turning over a new leaf and wants Ebro to do the same. The Washington, D.C., rapper doesn’t leave without imparting words of wisdom we can all live by: “You got to hug a lot of big chicks.”

Ebro begins to test out his new "likeability" and even tries to initiate a bromance with Rosenberg, which freaks out the resident white boy. It all leads Rosenberg to enlist French Montana to test Ebro’s new “niceness” to the point where he’ll crack. It all results in Ebro agreeing to a French Montana week on Hot 97.

Finally, they send in the cavalry to break Ebro’s streak of likeability: Angie and Miss Info. Already, Angie is leading with the right mindset. “I just want to slap that smile right off his stupid face,” she says. Sure enough, they break the streak and Ebro cracks.

After Laura helps to beat the Pitbulls at the bowling alley, Ebro climbs on top of couple of staffers and announces, “I’m a father! I’m having a baby!” There we have it, Old Man Ebro is becoming a father and already scared of whether or not if he'll be liked by his little girl.

Join us next week for the season finale of 'This Is Hot 97,' where Ebro steps down from his General Manager position and the gang worry if they'll back for season 2.