On the season premiere of ‘This Is Hot 97’ last week, big celebrities like Kanye West and Macklemore stopped by the radio station and we got to know the Hot 97 team in a brand new light. Angie Martinez doubles as the “Voice of New York” and matriarch of the dysfunctional bunch. Ebro, the big boss, is finally excited to get major face time after his stint on ‘Gossip Game’ and Peter Rosenberg’s humor is on full display. All in all, these guys want to show you a good time.

Episode 2 immediately kicks off with the subject of boobs and cross promotion -- specifically Carrie Keagan’s "rack" -- she's the host of VH1’s 'Big Morning Buzz,' a show Rosenberg will be a guest on. Enter Cipha Sounds with an opinion a lot of people could have gone on without hearing. “I’ve seen a million naked boobs. I still want to see more,” he says.

Rosenberg appears on Carrie’s show where the focus is, once again, on her boobs. After the taping, the two get to talking and they agree to meet up and watch a horror movie. Rosenberg is married and the Morning Show collective is quick to point that out the next day when they clown him on the air, and proceed to call his wife, Alexa. Mrs. Rosenberg is mad cool when her husband asks her if she thinks he’s going on a date with another woman. Her reply? “Not a big deal.” Ebro then suggests to Rosenberg that he get Alexa to visit Carrie’s show and see how it plays out -- one on one. Well, the creeps conspire and succeed. Alexa is going to be a guest on the VH1’s 'Big Morning Buzz.'

Angie’s storyline this week involves her getting competitive over a video game being played in the radio station lounge, introduced to her by DJ Enuff and Drewski. Best part, hearing her trash talk her opponents over the video game headset. “Your name is Doughboy? Your mother named you that? C’mon, Doughboy, wake up! What time is it in Michigan?!” she shouts.

Now cut to Funkmaster Flex eating. Just when you think it’s just another scene of Flex eating (which we saw twice last week) it turns out that it’s an actual storyline. Flex is being a creep and eating Miss Info’s food. When Miss Info discovers her food missing, Flex hides the plate of food underneath his newspaper and plays dumb. Who reads the paper at work?

Anyway, anyone who works in an office can feel for Miss Info. There’s nothing worse than going to your work fridge ready for a nice meal -- that you made sure to pack -- only to find tumbleweeds. Miss Info’s on the prowl, peeking through doors, in the Hot 97 kitchen trying to “figure out” who’s been swiping her meals.

Funkmaster Flex then shares some wisdom that he probably got from a Robert Greene book. “An amateur plays dumb. A mastermind takes control,” he states. So he makes the poor girl put a nanny cam in the fridge. Even the fridge is getting camera time.

A couple of days later 'The Morning Show' gang gather around the TV to watch Alexa on Carrie’s show. Apparently Twitter was aflutter because of Rosenberg and Carrie’s supposed date. The ladies are super friendly to one another, and even exchange compliments about how they look in the morning.

Ebro sees a window for a little funny talk and plants a seed in Rosenberg's head that he’s got to a chance for a threesome with the ‘Blonde Patrol’ (nickname given by Cipha Sounds). “Your side piece and your wife are friends,” he says. Laura Stylez doesn’t believe it but at that very moment Alexa texts Rosenberg that Carrie is coming over for dinner. Obviously, Ebro doesn’t really believe Rosenberg’s got a chance for a threesome but figures, “it’s gonna be fun watching my man fail.”

This week's celebrity guest is R&B singer Mack Wilds. The guy actually seems cool and very level-headed, so obviously they pair him up with the "rap Teletubbies" -- Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds. They ask him if he’s ever had a threesome. Turns out Mack has and when Rosenberg asks for pointers he receives an interesting response. “Whatever you think you are. Don’t be you,” Mack explains. After that, Rosenberg decides that his persona during dinner with his wife and Carrie is going to be “Snoop Dogg meets Prince.”

Flex then puts Mack Wilds to work. After DJ Enuff approaches Flex because Angie is bogarting his video game, Flex hires Mack Wilds to kill off Angie -- in the video game. Cold-blooded. Just when she was about to win too. There goes our #AngieTime for the week.

If Mack wasn’t working hard enough for the Hot 97 gang, Flex then makes it so that the crooner is the one appearing on the footage from Fridge Nanny Cam. He's taking Miss Info’s plate of food. Miss Info buys it hook, line and sinker. Damn, Flex. The man is an evil genius.

Later on, in Rosenberg’s apartment, the dinner is about to start with the potential threesome. Rosenberg comes out of the bathroom with a blue valor blazer and a martini in his hand looking like Austin Powersberg -- even more when he tucks the white napkin in his neck. The poor guy struggles through the night but is convinced he’s a getting a vibe from the “Blonde Patrol."

When he hilariously brings out dessert, “Tarts Three Ways,” his “artfully worded final pitch” comes out as, “I’m talking about having a threesome.” Carrie and Alexa proceed to laugh him out of the room, which leaves Rosenberg to woefully recount the disastrous night to 'The Morning Show' gang the next day.

Next week, Ice-T's wife CoCo schools Laura Stylez on how to perform a proper squat and the Hot 97 team is forced to take Sensitivity Training. Find out what happens next week.