If you're tired of Kanye West always saying he's a genius, you should listen to 'Can't Stop,' the song he produced for Theophilus London's new album, 'Vibes.' The rapper lives up to his claims.

Upon a first listen, the track immediately brings you back to a time when 'Ye still wore rugby shirts and backpacks and used soulful hooks to convey his message.

And lyrically, he puts down a verse arguably as strong as his lines on Jay Z's 'Run This Town.'

"Might have caught you clapping every Sunday at church / You still ratchet 'cause they play your favorite song and you twerk / Designer purse on your arm, 'bout the size of a duffle bag / And them brand new titties cost a couple racks," he spits. "You know I always hit you deeper than a baritone / Bone you with my jewelry on, that's a herringbone."

London also has a standout verse, and uses his laid-back flow to describe a particular woman he rides with. "We set alarm clocks just to wake and bake / She cooked up a salt fish and I fry the bake / Dresses by Margiela, looking so heavenly / She one step ahead of me, jewelry by Jenavi," he rhymes.

Besides 'Can't Stop,' you can also check out the rest of the Brooklyn rapper's 'Vibes' album below. Other songs include 'Water Me,' 'Tribe,' featuring Jesse Boykins III, 'Get Me Right,' and 'Do Girls,' to name a few.

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