Nike Sportswear is ramping up to the World Basketball Festival with a new campaign that features a basketball tournament, Manhattan block party and most interestingly, a documentary series that lets an ambassador from each of New York's five boroughs explain why they love their home and how it has influenced their lives. First up is multi-talented MC and songwriter Theophilus London, who the company tapped as the artist representative for Brooklyn.

"There's art everywhere. Kids rapping on the corners," he explains while driving through the bustling streets. "They dance at parties. Kids play basketball. Some of the greatest legends in the entertainment industry have come from Brooklyn, NY. It's a lot of people just trying to express themselves. You walk around and there's a million possibilities of how your days can go."

London leads the cameras to some local basketball spots, dines out on some delicious looking Trinidadian food, scours the shelves at his local record shop, Charlie's Calypso City, and then ends the day with some shopping. He explains how he is proud that Brooklyn produces people like him and thinks that the borough is unique because its residents spend so much time trying toperfect whatever skills they have. For London, whether it's basketball, rapping or cooking, it's all about trying to be the best at what you do.

Check the Brooklyn rapper's collaboration with Nike Sportswear below.