Theophilus London had one helluva night. The rapper/singer was arrested but luckily for fans, he was able to give a play-by-play of the ordeal on Twitter.

“I’m so sexy they allowed me to tweet," wrote London from behind bars.

It seemed the 28-year-old had some time to kill and decided to share the entire story of why he was in jail to his hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers. As the story goes, London snagged a taxi cab to the IFC Center to check out Miss Sharon Jones, a documentary about the R&B singer. But at the end of his cab ride, London only had $100 on him -- a bill too big for the cabbie to break. And that's when it got ugly.

"I got arrested becuz I hate NYC cab drivers for 10 years + now," tweeted London. "I only had 100s on me and he didn't want to break change. So he tried to keep my hundred while screaming in my face, so I gave him 5 mins to make change. After I counted down to 1, I took his phone and smashed it into 900 pieces, the I ran into the IFC MOVIE cinema and the cops ran up on me. Haha Couldn't buy a movie in time."

London continued to live tweet about his time in the jail cell while wearing $1500 jeans.

“Some dude in my cell just told me if he was a girl he would f--- me,” read one tweet. “S---is getting weird. I asked him if he was gay. He in for grand theft..."

Later on he explained that he "low key" felt like he was "in a museum."

"Pee smells. Cig butts, fingerprinted me, and mug shot. I tried not to smile," read the tweet.

Check out the full tweet breakdown below.