The Weeknd will blow your mind with the concept of his new video for "The Hills (Remix)" featuring Eminem.

Last week, the crooner dropped two remixes to the track: one featuring Nicki Minaj and the other with Em. While The Pinkprint creator took the stage on Saturday Night Live with Abel to debut their collabo, Slim Shady's version gets the visual treatment.

In the GoPro-shot video, the Weeknd walks out a set of double doors into what seems like the apocalypse. Balls of fire glide through the sky like shooting stars as a blue and green aurora fills the hazy backdrop.

The 25-year-old singer walks lifelessly, like an unplayable character in a video game, towards a burning car -- similar to the one he crashed in the original video for "The Hills." And other than a white limo with a mysterious blue light glowing off of it, the lot is empty. Unbothered by his surroundings, the "Can't Feel My Face" singer decides to walk back to the doors, but halfway back he gets hit with a fireball and is set ablaze.

But the most intriguing aspect is that viewers can explore Abel's world with interactive controls to see the visual from different angles. It can even be adjusted to be seen from the Beauty Behind the Madness creator's perspective as he walks into the line of fire. Eminem doesn't get an appearance in the video, but the creativity in the clip nearly makes up for it. And it seems that fans can barely deal with the clever Nabil-directed video.

"Yo wtf this is tripping me out what is this video wizardry?" a fan wrote on YouTube. "Technology needs to relax now," wrote another.

This is a video you'll have to watch more than once since it seems there's always something new to catch -- like the phoenixes that fly out of the fire. Get into the virtual reality experience above.

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