The Weeknd's once-mysterious personality might be all but gone after he was pushed into the limelight, but that's not stopping him from maintaining an air of secrecy surrounding his music.

That is no more evident than in his newly revealed teaser video, 'Roman Polanski.' The 51-second clip is a distorted look at what's probably Abel Tesfaye in the studio recording songs for his new album, 'Kiss Land.' But exactly which track he's laying down vocals for remains unknown considering the record doesn't have a cut titled 'Roman Polanski.'

It's also not entirely clear if the music we're hearing is equally as distorted as the visuals, as you hear snappy hi-hats and snares beneath pitch-shifted vocals. Whatever Tesfaye's doing here, he's obviously got our attention with this teaser video named after controversial film director Roman Polanski. Maybe a proper music video will reveal that he had an influence on some of the Weeknd's work.

You can watch the clip above. 'Kiss Land' drops Sept. 10.