In case your summer doesn't feel hot enough, the Weeknd has released 'Often,' a new track that'll definitely get your temperature rising.

Produced by Ben Billions, the Weeknd, also known as Abel Tesfaye, does what he does best -- sings about sex. With a bouncy beat slow enough for you to envision yourself slow-grinding with that special someone, the Weeknd isn't shy or humble about his abilities in the bedroom. Not only does he say that he enjoys getting busy on the regular, he also knows his lady (at the moment) is satisfied by the experience.

"Ask me if I do this every day / I said often / Ask me how many times she road the wave / Not so often / Bitch is down to do it either way, often / Baby I can make that p---- rain often / Often, often, girl I do this often / Make that p---- poppin' / Do it how I want it," he croons.

Could a new album from The Weeknd be on the way? This might just be the first of many new songs from the singer, who released 'Kissland' last fall.

Listen to The Weeknd's 'Often'