Hip-hop fans will have the Underachievers' debut album to look forward to in 2014. For now, take solace in how well the Brooklyn, N.Y., duo seem to be living in the 'Midnight Augusto' video.

'Midnight Augusto' is a performance video that follows AK and Issa Gold rocking the stage in front of large crowds, taking hits of marijuana and just enjoying their time as young hip-hop artists. The concept sounds celebratory, but it feels tense thanks to the lack of lighting in the shots and the dark nature of the beat. The clip is directed by KCB Films.

The Underachievers are working on the follow-up to 'The Lords of Flatbush,' which is the mixtape 'Midnight Augusto' appears on. 'The Cellar Door,' the title of their upcoming LP, will arrive next year.