When it comes to traveling with your favorite sneakers they can take a beating in your weekend or carry-on bag. Luggage company The Shrine Brand has created a bag that's perfect for your everyday travel.

The 'Weekender' Backpack is a very convenient bag which features two unique compartments for your kicks. It also has separate pockets for your accessories and a weekend's worth of clothes. An extra bonus to the backpack is the hood atop the bag which is designed to cover and carry your headwear, particularly a baseball cap.

Limited quantities of the Weekender Sneaker Backpack are available for $200 at stockists like Jeffersons, Phat Kat, Sole Lounge and Threadz.

If you miss out on copping this terrific bag, don't fret. The Shrine is set to release a 'Weekender' Duffle Bag in the fall.