The Shop Boyz reigned over a new era of Southern hip-hop when they released their debut single, "Party Like a Rock Star," and subsequent album, Rockstar Mentality in 2007. Since then, the trio - Rasheed “Sheed” Hightower, Richard “Fat” Stephens and Demetrius “Meany” Hardin - has been pretty silent on the music front, but today (April 18) they released a new song called "Bottle."

Much different from the rock and hip-hop sound the Shop Boyz was famous for back in the days, their new single takes a page from Lil Jon's playbook and infuses a series of heavy EDM beats with various repetitive high-pitched lyrics to keep the party going.

As the celebratory hook repeats five simple words ("Hey, who want a bottle), the track's sporadic verses seem to echo every word said. "Keep it coming, gonna get tore up."

In an interview with The BoomBox earlier this year, the Atlanta-based trio said they're back in the studio working on new sounds, which would explain the trio's new taste in music.

"I know it seems like we haven’t been doing anything new but actually we’ve been weighing out our options for these labels," said Hightower. "You know, we were nominated for a Grammy, sold a million ringtones, we have a lot of accolades. So it’s nothing for us to have a meeting with any label and say 'Hey what’s the deal to do this project?'"

"But, we’ve just been independent, we’ve been independent since we got off a major label," he continues. "Basically, what we’ve been doing is just planning for this moment right here."

"Bottle Master" will be joining a slew of songs slated to appear on the group's upcoming EP, Caught in the Moment, set to hit stores this June. The trio's new sound is said to fuse hip-hop, EDM, country and pop music.

Listen to the Shop Boyz's Song 'Bottle'

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