UAE hip hop collective The Recipe have released the powerful new single "Bandana." Coming on the heels for the crew debuting “Place to Rest” on Afropunk, "Bandana" addresses the falseness of image and how so many hip-hop artists feel like they have to mask who they really are to become successful in the industry.

"'Bandana' highlights today's hip-hop culture where masks are being worn everyday in order to fit in and sound relevant," explained Kaz Money in a press release.  Swerte adds: “Courage is being yourself in a world that tells you to be someone else.”

The idea that society encourages individuals to wear masks is as true as ever; and while name-dropping everyone from Kanye West to Barack Obama, The Recipe explored the idea in their latest single. "Sometimes these masks help us oppress who we truly are and sometimes we use them to express ourselves freely."

The Recipe has worked with Talib Kweli and their music has gotten rave reviews from Paul Rosenberg, RESPECT Mag, Rolling Stone, The Source, DJ Booth, The Hype Magazine, and more.

Check out the "Bandana" track above.


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