Last September, New Orleans-bred duo The Knux debuted the visuals for their single 'Run,' a guitar-laden tune that features Kid Cudi with a vocal assist and a model that parties way too hard. Now the rhyming rockers return with a new clip, this time showcasing a stripped-down version of the track, which appears on their Interscope Records sophomore LP, 'Eraser.'

Brothers Joey and Krispy performed the song during a visit to the set of At: Guitar Center with Nic Harcourt, sans Cudi, who is currently prepping his new album, 'WZRD.' "This is this song called 'Run,'" Joey shares before the track commences. "It features Kid Cudi; he's not here at the time obviously, but we're still gonna rock this motha. Let's do it"

"I cut her like Serato 'cause she Fruity Loops," The Knux croon. "You say you want to be my friend but I ain't tryna be your friend."

Check out the set below. To hear the At: Guitar Center interview with Nic Harcourt, visit here.

Watch the Knux Perform 'Run'

Watch an Interview with the Knux

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An Interview with The Knux