Houston groups H.I.S.D. and Radio Galaxy have decided to team up and form a new supergroup known as The Hue. The new collective has offered up the single 'Drive' as their introduction to the world along with an accompanying music video. The style of the track will be familiar to fans of both H.I.S.D. and Radio Galaxy, proving this combination of talents is a natural fit.

The video sees each member representing their respective groups before coming together as The Hue in front of an all-white background. Fluttering graphics and a running clock at the bottom persist throughout this visual representation, matching the spaced out vibe crafted by producer King Midas of the duo King Coz. Ultimately, the focus is on the lyricism as everyone delivers some impressive bars

Savvi of H.I.S.D raps, "45 on drive, 59 lane change, interstate 610 mainframe / Welcome to the loop, to the loop where The Hue's range / Rover to the shoulder, drive slower before you crash mayne / Landed on planet Peace Uv Mine, got stranded / Saw gorillas in the wilderness swinging from the branches / They told me that I need to go to sunny side Atlantis / So I took a shortcut through the Jack Yates campus / And when I got there, all the colors you could imagine / One million MCs, paint brushes to the canvas."

'Drive' will appear on The Hue's debut album 'Aurora' which is due out on Rappers I Know Records. The track is currently available for purchase on iTunes and can be streamed now via Soundcloud.