Days after his Porsche Panamera and Chevy Camaro were vandalized, The Game won't back down until the guy who messed with his property is brought to justice. Now it seems like the rapper has a lead on the culprit.

The Blood Moon rapper is pointing fingers at Wackstar, who was once tight with Chris Brown and part of his entourage. "Tell these fans who really had Chris brown auntie tied up & his house broke in you p---- ass fa---t," he reportedly said, according to TMZ.

The Game also threatened, "When I see you I'm gone break yo f---in jaw...So have yo gun on you p----."

Despite his strong words, Wackstar doesn't seem too worried about the Game's threats. The former Brown associate has not only called Game weak but also knocked his previous appearance on a TV game show.

"I know the real you, you wouldn't hurt a f---in fly," Wackstar wrote on Instagram and added, "#ChangeOfHeartAssN----."

Right now, there have been no arrests made regarding Game's cars being vandalized or Chris Brown's home being robbed. And while Game really has his attention set on bringing Wackstar down for the incident, it's clearly a different guy who's seen in the surveillance footage, which you can see below.

Stay tuned to find out how this beef unfolds. Take a look at their very public war of words on Instagram to find out what the rapper has to say about the man that has an "ass whippin coming."

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