The Game is looking for musicians to make up his forthcoming 'Goon Squad' group and is auditioning potential contestants to fill the slots. The Compton rapper revealed plans for the global search via his Twitter page, Tuesday.

"I'm [starting] a worldwide search [for] the dopest mc's, male & female, [to] form my new group 'The Goon Squad,'" he wrote. "Send your best record or freestyle. You got [one] shot! All demos [and] music will be listened to once." Musicians looking to audition must submit three photos plus contact information to

Aside from putting the group together, the 29-year-old will perform in Rotorua, New Zealand on August 15. Amid safety concerns from the community, authorities are said to be holding a special orientation aimed at increasing security presence during the show.

"We know from experience having these sorts of performers is not helpful in terms of community safety," Rotorua Commander Bruce Horne said. "His message is a very bad one. He is certainly not someone I would be promoting as a role model for our young people. In fact, he is quite the opposite. He encourages them to get themselves into trouble."

However, the Australian promoter behind the event praised the rapper as a "positive role-model," noting that he will also visit a high school in the area during his stay.

Game's fourth record, 'The R.E.D Album,' is due in stores later this year.