At the American Music Awards Tuesday night, The Game couldn't wait for his new album, 'Doctor's Advocate,' to be officially credited as the week's top seller. "Hey, man, can't wait 'til morning," he told AOL Music. "It's like Christmas when you wake up -- you know those gifts are under the Christmas tree and you just can't wait to unwrap them."

In a room surrounded by so many of the biggest stars in music, from Jay-Z to Gwen Stefani, The Game is at the top right now. "Out of every musician here I'm Number One this week, so that's big for me," he says.

He'll continue the celebration on the road. "I'm going to Europe on Dec. 3. Work until Christmas Eve, then I'll come back and enjoy time with my family, get back out there in January and do it again."

Any tracks from the album he's most looking forward to performing? "Yeah -- all 16 of 'em."